MaxiVit Plus Multivitamin Supplement

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      MaxiVit Plus is your daily 3-pack giving you everything that you need. The smart design contains the MaxiVit 25 multivitamin, omegas and lecithin. Inside the multivitamin are all your vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and folic acid in the right quantities for optimal absorption. The omegas and lecithin work hand in hand, with the latter helping you to absorb the vital omegas.

      MaxiVit Plus is ideal for executives in high-pressure jobs, fitness fanatics, pregnant women and students under academic mental pressure. It is also beneficial to people trying to lose weight, smokers and the elderly.



      • A daily supplement providing vitamins, minerals, omega's and phospholipids
      • The on-the-go packaging combines all 3 gel capsules in one handy package
      • Health supplement for body, brain and heart health



      Biotin (5 μg), Calcium (20 mg), Choline (5 mg), Copper (200 μg), Folic Acid (800 μg), Inositol (1 mg), Iodine (140 μg), Iron (12 mg), Magnesium (500 μg), Manganese (5 μg), Phosphorus (15 mg), Potassium (500 μg), Selenium (50 μg), Vit A (2666 IU), Vit B1 (3 mg), Vit B2 (2 mg), Vit 3 (20 mg), Vit B5 (5 mg), Vit B6 (8 mg), Vit B12 (2 μg), Vit C (40 mg), Vit D (120 IU), Vit E (20mg), Zinc (4 mg), Marine Fish Oil (1000 mg), EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid) (180 mg), DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid)(120mg), Lecithin (1200mg). 


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